Why Should I Study Voice?

Singing releases positive endorphins in our brains! It's a feel-good activity. The study of voice is the exploration of your personal instrument. Whether your goal is to understand the basics of singing, improve vocal technique or gain more confidence in your performance, voice lessons are a great place to start. 

What will the lessons be like?

Heather uses a very individualized teaching approach. Each lesson begins with vocalizing or "vocal warm-ups" to engage the student with their body and their voice, as well as allowing Heather to access what the student needs to work on. Next the student will present the song(s) they would like to work on, or Heather can assign material. Each lesson is 60 minutes in length. Please bring the music you would like to work on, any recordings or tracks you might be using to sing along to, water and an open mind! 

How Often Should I Take Lessons?

 Voice Lessons are typically once a week, but only the student can determine how often they are willing to work with their teacher.

How Do I Book?

Contact Heather with your name, age and reasons for taking voice lessons. She will get back to you shortly with scheduling and pricing information. heathervicevic@gmail.com or 239-249-5618